2 KNUST boys exchange kicks and blows over Level 100 girl; video drops 

KNUST students fight over a level 100 girl
2 KNUST boys exchange blows over a level 100 girl

KNUST boys has done it again as video currently trending on social media captures the moment two male students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST ) exchanging kicks and blows over level 100 girl.

According to the reports, the two young men engaged in the brawl were fighting over a female student of the school.

In the video, the two men appeared to be fighting in front of what looked like a students’ hostel in broad daylight.

They were having a go at each other while other young men stood and watched and appeared to be in support of.

The video which was being recorded from one of the top floors of the said hostel has gone viral on social media with many people giving commentary on it.

There were some cars parked around where the fight was going on and the duo was seen using them as props for their brawl.

Watch the video below :
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