Captain Smart Finally Sign A New Contract With Onua TV.

Captain Smart
Captain Smart

Captain Smart Finally Sign A New Contract With Onua TV.

A mainstream media worker known by the public by the name Captain Smart of whom Angel Broadcast Network (ABN) Boss Mr.Kwaku Oteng had issues with which led him into a suspension has finally joined Onua TV.

In a news today, it was being announced that Captain Smart has signed for Onua TV now and has started work with them with the program style he was having on Angel TV.

Just within last week, Onua TV disclosed news about captain of joining the media soon, to host morning show Segment on Onua TV and a morning show on Onua Radio.

According to Captain Smart, he had some misunderstanding with Angel TV CEO on a point he raised, on some Parliamentary Men of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of which made Kwaku Oteng Suspend him on his media channel, a for further notice.
This issue brought out a trend Video by the Social Media Influencer Twene Jonas attacking Kwaku Oteng.

According to Twene Jonas Captain Smart was speaking the fact basically on what is going on in the country on his morning show.

So, “he doesn’t know the reason why Kwaku Oteng should suspend him from his show for coming live and on Air. On Angel Broadcasting Channels.

So he therefore tells Kwaku Oteng to do away with some political issues base on what he said and recall him back for work.many also said because Kwaku Oteng was scared, because he knew the Government was going to put off his channel.

Some of his listeners also made a point by appealing to Mr. Kwaku Oteng to bring him back to work.but should never bring any political action on the statement Captain Smart made. Because “they know in this country when ever one person will speak the truth they judge you and use your political party against you but as a media network we shouldn’t Stand on a statement someone will raise on your Political Party”.but with a team work also said by his followers on his Facebook page.

But Mr.Kwaku Oteng did not show any concern but still hold him on suspension with his media network. He waited for many times but never had any respond from his CEO.

Without having any feedback from kwaku Oteng, he finally resigned with them by terminating the contract he had with them as a Media worker with some gossips people were making against him by saying, Mr.Kwaku Oteng Sacked him from his Media Network.

Looking at him now he adds up more energy when he is live on the Television for his show Segment than how he used to handle Angel TV, says by Captain Smart. Captain Smart Finally Sign For Onua TV.

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