Guru Says He Is The Second Coming Of Twene Jonas


Guru Says He Is The Second Coming Of Twene Jonas.

Ghanaian High Life and a Rapper Guru acting as the social media influencer Twene Jonas, who has been trending on the internet with his live videos asking Ghanaian Leaders especially, the President of the Republic Of Ghana to fix the country.

In an interview today, he said “ he support his brother Twene Jonas popularly known as glass nkoa, because he has been on the same energy crying and also hoping that the Government would turn and give them an ear.

He also made a point by which he praised the first president of the Republic Of Ghana, The Late Dr. Osakyefo Kwame saying he projected the development of the country but others could not follow the same footsteps to develop the country.

According to him looking at those days, there were factories operating and jobs were ongoing. Everything was in order our water bodies and land were safe but the country was progressing.

But now with all the loans and other things our leaders are seeking from the whites, yet the country is not progressing.

Leaders now spending the money whilst the citizens are crying forgetting of the promises they made before electing them into their powers today.

There are no schools, No furniture for our children to Site on whenever they go to school to study.poor roads which kills more than 100 citizens in the country every month.

No water for the people to drink, no jobs for the people which is leading them into armed robbery and also shortage of light for his people.

Again he also, spoke the land that are being destroyed by the Chinese men whilst the government whilst the government of the Republic of Ghana is in section with those activities, putting restrictions on places the citizens may also get their daily bread from but not providing them food as they are not working.looking at the whites in this Covid — 19 restrictions people who are not able to go to work are fed by the government but yet our leaders borrow from them.

So in some cases he does support his brother to fight for the conclusion he said “I can team up with the citizens for a Demonstration of which it could be dangerous as compared to Mr. Kume Preku in the 1995 by the incumbent party, as he said on an interview hosted by Mr. Adu Kumi.

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