It Was A Call From God But My Husband Was Not Suffering From Any Sickness — TB Joshua’s Wife Reveals.

Evelyn Joshua
Evelyn Joshua

It Was A Call From God But My Husband Was Not Suffering From Any Sickness — TB Joshua’s Wife Reveals.

The Wife of the late Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua and owner of Emmanuel TV has finally spoken about his husband death.

Mrs. Evelyn Joshua said his husband was not suffering from any sickness, according to her, his husband spent more than hours during his prayer Segment on his last Segment and was looking strong and energetic. So rumors going on that the TB Joshua was suffering from some unraveled Sickness should be stopped.

In spending most of his time on his service, My Husband went to the bath room to have a shower, in a moment later he came out to minister. In his last message, He said “ there would be a time to come and a time to leave”.

We were all created on this earth in a different day know one knew about how he or she came and thus no human being on earth would also know the exact day he or she will leave the earth. His message was spiritual and a heart the wife said.

After delivering his last message he came out on stage and entered inside his office of which he does every day after ministering. I thought he was still in prayer, because he was a man of prayer. He never rested on a single day without prayer for his nation, families and the entire world.

I waited for a while my husband was still not coming out from his office, so I decided to move inside and check up on him about what is keeping him delay inside his inner chambers. But suddenly when I got there he was sitting in his chair comfortably resting. I met him on the chair looking at me but was unconscious. I called him daddy, but he never responded I held his hand, but he felt nothing.

We prayed to bring him back to life but what death has can never be taking. Looking at the last message he delivered, I knew his time was due and the Almighty God has called his servant. Though he has left us in pains and in sorrows, but he also left us with a strong message, as she said on Emmanuel Television.

There have been many Prophets who have raised issues concerning the death of my husband, ever since the message was spread out that, he has been called by his creator

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