Many Ghanaian s Will Not Understand Because They Are Not Ready For The Blessings Of God — Shatta Wale Proclaims.

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Many Ghanaian s Will Not Understand Because They Are Not Ready For The Blessings Of God — Shatta Wale Proclaims.

The Dance hall singer in the Ghanaian Music Industry, Charles Nii Armah known by his followers and fan base as Shatta Wale leaves an inspirational message to the world. Concerning the preparation Ghanaian s are making towards Christ.

According to him, The entire people of Ghana are not fully prepared for the blessing of the creator but yet they still seek for it. It is been writing in the book that” do not seek for my blessings if you are not ready for it as a reference, Shatta Wale quoted from the book of life (Bible).

I know that if my people were ready for God Blessings, they would have sat up with their lives and receive them in abundance of which all their burdens and sorrows will be taking of from them.

Looking at his post and some of his address Videos on the internet, He told Ghana ins to sit up and be strong in prayers.also taking prayers serious in their lives.

Ghanaian s should seek for protection of lives, the spirit of love, Togetherness and Guidance from the maker, as an advice the Dance hall King gave to his people and to the entire world, on the internet.

“You are not prepared nor ready and that is the main reason why the blessing is not yet counted on you. God do not only reveal him self to the pastors because they are his servant but to people who are ready to receive him and his blessings.

“I urge each and every person to sit up and pray for the lords blessing and spirit to descend you your lives mostly to his supporters and to his nation”, as he posted on his Facebook Page.

Many of you might say, am I doing this to get attention from the internet? but to me I know am really making a point. You might use my behavior to judge me, by saying I don’t respect and smokes but in spiritually am been covered with the blood of Jesus. I preach about the word of Christ and also advice others to do same because we don’t know when the maker with descend back unto us on earth.
When ever I woke up from bed, I give thanks and praise to him for granting me another live with a beautiful day. Says Shatta Wale.

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