Men with inborn qualities are always odd among others


Men with inborn qualities are always odd amon others. And they fine it difficult to nurture what they were born with because of their uniqueness.

With this, most talents in Africa are doomed but by the grace of God one young and talented upcoming Kumerican gospel artist called MICHAEL ADUSEI.

Being among six siblings with mother dying at an early stage with only one father to take care of. Upon these challenges children with single parent he faced, he soar above all.

And attended several basic schools due the hard nut of life of which many has been strike with (The Great St. Michael Int. School at Ahwiaa Ksi., Old Tafo M/A Sch. at Tafo Ksi., and continued at Tafo Pankrono JHS “B” and completed his Junior High School at Wesco Demonstration “B” and also went to NUNSEC at Teshie Nungua where he completed his Senior High School).

Despite all the challenges, God has use this individual to emerged with an album called “Mmranee” in the year 2018 It did not ended there, upon all the challenges that the upcoming artistes pass through, this young and talented upcoming Kumerican gospel artist has finally finally figure out the “PAPA NO” in his new released song entitled “MAHU PAPA NO”…

Because who God has gifted always prevail no matter the circumstances…

  1. Nesta Armah Jnr says

    I love this guy Michael Adusei he has been a very good brother of mine in the music ministry he is very humble

  2. Nesta Armah Jnr says

    I love Michael Adusei due to his humble character and he took me as a brother in the music ministry

  3. Moghabi says

    Very touching! in fact, minister Adusei is an incredible figure in our generation. He’s indeed an iconic musician. His love and enthusiasm for God’s work is outstanding. I love him so much for his humbleness and the kind of songs God entrust into his hands.
    Minister, may God bless you exceedingly for this powerful song ‘m’ahu papa no’.

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