Read about Bright Owusu Business Administration student in Morocco


Read about Bright Owusu Business Administration student in Morocco.

This is Bright Owusu; a business administration student in morocco.He is also a model, actor, YouTuber and fitness personal trainer. He’s mostly known as “Brightfit vlogs” on Youtube and ‘coach_brightfit’ on instagram..

He’s able to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis, very creative, dependable person who is great at time management and also energetic and eager to learn new skills.

Bright speaks two international langues which are French and English alongside mother tongue. He passes most of his time with school activities and also creating content for both his youtube and instagram account.

He always says “nothing is built within a twinkle of an eye but with determination and consistency, everything is possible..You can see below a transformation photo of him through his fitness journey.

Everything on this planet takes time.” There’s no short cut to heaven”. Suffer now and enjoy the outcome for a longer period of time. Being a natural athlete is never easy and sometimes you would feel like giving up but always STAY FOCUS and work harder than last time..

If you want to book consultation, need meal or workout plan, you want me to be your personal trainer or you want to cast me in a movie or model shooting just whatsApp me at +212635904106 or you can email me at or you can DM me on instagram at coach_brightfit. Thanks very much and stay blessed.

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