The Actual Cost Per Dose Was $10 Instead Of $19 — Citizens In Ghana Descend On The Government.


The Actual Cost Per Dose Was $10 Instead Of $19 — Citizens In Ghana Descend On The Government.

There are some rumors on the internet and on the social media platforms that, the government of Ghana in agreement with the Russians signed for Vaccines made by the (Russian). Looking at the Vaccines and their prices each cost 10 US dollars per dose whilst the Government of this country made the cost 19 US dollars per one.

With a prof on the internet networking, a website know as,, declared that, A Ghanaian Minister Of Health Mr. Kwaku Agyemang Manu had a contract with the Emirate Officials with his endorsement on it.

“In other cases there are also information which proves that, the Shiek has all access in the Covid — 19(Corona virus) Vaccines. In some other times and days ahead, The Ghana Health Ministry negotiated with Shiek and had a contract being signed. They made it relevant to the public they have bought 3.4 Million Doses of Vaccine to help fight and reduce the spread of Covid — 19.

The report of the website, also indicates that the agreement was made by the Government of the Republic of Ghana with some officials in Money Laundering.

In questioning The Finance Minister Of the Country, Mr. Ken Ofori Attah said that the government who is fighting for his people to protect them in the era of Covid — 19 telling them to pay for the Vaccines been distributed for $19 per each.

In remembrance base on what Mr. Agyemang Manu said the on Wednesday, April 28th as he testifies that, mother Ghana was expected to take 300,000 Vaccines in delivery by the Russians and also manufactured by them for the country to embark on their Vaccination exercises in time.

From Mr. Ken Ofori Attah he said “ I don’t you. You know, you are confronted with all the good people from the West not giving you any assurance of supply of the Sputnik Vaccines, but there are almost about 30 million people out there for their lives to be saved and protected.

Also, Looking at what Mr. Agyemang Manu said he stated that, “we are trying our possible best to help fight the spread of Corona Virus with some Vaccines manufactured by the Russians in the Russia Country. The approval had been made and Ghana expecting (Vaccines) them in. Of which the first batch of 160,000 Vaccines were brought and still waiting for maximum number 300,000 Vaccines also in the country.

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