The Court Is Yet To Announce The Death Of Castro With His Girlfriend

Castro and Janet Badu To Be Announced Dead.
Castro and Janet Badu To Be Announced Dead.

The Court Is Yet To Announce The Death Of Castro With His Girlfriend.

The law court might soon raise the case of the Disappearance of Ghanaian High Life Musician Theophilus Taggoe known popularly as Castro, after his seven (7) years disappearance in the country with his girl friend Janet Badu.

On 6th of July 2014, a sad news hit the people of Ghana and also to the Ghanaian Music it was on all social media that Castro,Janet and his best friend Asamoah Gyan known as the formal Captain of the Black Stars.went to Ada Beach for holidays and in a sudden point Castro and his Girlfriend were reported missing on all media.

This information went across the world. Many people went down the sea to search for the body of Theophilus Taggoe(Castro) and his wife but they were no were found.

Many fetched tried their possible best making all sacrifices to the river but yet their body was not discovered, from the sea.but the Jet in which they ride on the sea, was found after when they were missing.

Ghanaian’s announced Castro and Janet dead, His posters were everywhere including the social media.others were putting on pressure on the family for the funeral rite of their brother but the family insisted.

Pastors came out with visions, saying Castro has been married by a spirit in the River whilst others to said Asamoah Gyan used High Life artist and his girlfriend for a sacrifice. Others to claimed seeing Castro at different Locations in some part of Africa and also Outside Africa.

On the social media his fan base were posting and tweeting the missing on their Legend and others arguing about him not missing nor dead.

The Law court also announced to the public not perform any funeral rite for Castro and Janet.

Looking at 1992 Constitution of the Republic Of Ghana No one has the right to announce body dead when not found till seven(7) years.but looking at the calculations, from when our legend was missing from the river it’s almost 7 years now.

In the calculation of the years the Body of Jane and Taggoe(Castro) will be announced to the public dead and therefore allow both families to have their funeral rites in doing.

The Supreme Court is now ready to make the final declaration our beloved brother, Legend and Superstar Castro and his beloved girlfriend Janet Badu who is a Video  Vixen dead.

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