The Government Must  Fix The Country  — Supreme Court.

Fix The Country
Fix The Country

The Government Must  Fix The Country  — Supreme Court.

The Supreme court in Ghana is telling the Government to Fix the Country.the whole issue started on the social media as a trend whereby citizens in the country were posting and tweeting the #Fix The Country on the month of May, 9th 2021.

The citizens were on the street telling the Government to fix the country, Provide them Jobs, Construct their poor roads that is killing most people in the country and also take all the hardships going on in the country as they promised them in their campaign.they also gave some letters to the Ghana Police Service and other Security Services in the country.

But today, June 8th 2021 the Supreme Court Of The Republic Of Ghana has given the citizens the go ahead to fight for their needs and also life and therefore has granted them the go ahead on the Demonstration #Fix The Country.

This whole issue has almost been on trend on the social media and on all website as the citizens appealing to the Government to Fix Their Country and also highlighted some major challenges they are facing in the country to the Government.according to Mr.Sulemana Braimah known as the Executive Director Of The Media Foundation For West Africa, he calls all the Parliamentary Members for NDC’s in the Country as a weak MP’s and also disappointed in them.

According to him the NDC’s Parliamentary has not shown any concern on what is going on in the country just because they know they are not the Majority leaders in the Parliament.and also to the NDC’s, they also stated that they are following the approval of the ministerial nominees that was announced by His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo.

On his Facebook page he also stated that “The current minority in Parliament is the biggest and yet the weakest minority he has ever witness in the history of the Fourth Republic”.

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  1. Irene says

    That was a great work done by the supreme Court.

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