We Are Giving You 24Hrs To Sack All Your Workers — NPP’s Executives To Their National Chairman Mr. Freddie Blay. 

Freddie Blay
Freddie Blay

We Are Giving You 24Hrs To Sack All Your Workers — NPP’s Executives To Their National Chairman Mr. Freddie Blay. 

Some co executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP)members have signaled their National Chairman of their party, Mr. Freddie Blay to Sack with all his workers of Daily Guide Newspaper which is the subsidiary of Western Publications in Ghana within 24hrs or resign from his position as Chairman, in their party.

Just in the month of June, 10 2021 Thursday, Speaking on Morning Break fast Show on Ghanaians Time Television. The convenor Gordon Tamakloe explained brought out an issue that, The Daily Guide Newspaper owned by their National Chairman has started an agenda against NPP’s win towards the coming 2024 Election to be held on December 7th. According to him Mr. Friddie Blay has said a lot concerning the New Patriotic Party forgetting that he is part of the party not forgetting that he also campaigned for them during the hour of 2020 Election.

The party executives explained that, The President of the Republic Of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo commissioned over 500 vehicles for Zoom lion to collect waste. However, The Daily Guide Newspaper decided to run down the beautiful achievement. They published only 101 on their front page which is highly inaccurate.

The media seek for an apology base on the information that has been taking out across the world on the newspapers, but the party members also suggested and concluded that,

“We can forgive The Daily Graphic Newspaper and Ghanaian times for the goof, but Daily Guide which is their own paper, owned by Mr. Freddie Blay The National Chairman can never be forgiven as they said. Chairman Freddie Blay must sack with all his workers and resign himself from their seat as the National Chairman. Looking forward to 2024 Election we can not sit and watch any member of the party to destroy things with media cabals” said by the party executives of the NPP.

They were unhappy about how the National Democratic Congress (NDC’s) members were mocking and teasing their Party, on social media networks which almost has taken on the trend with the inaccurate numbers reported from one event announced by the President of the ruling party, the NPP.

The Daily Guide Newspaper is owned by the Npp’s national chairman Mr. Freddie Blay and his wife Mrs. Gina Blay. They used the Newspaper to project the NPP in the 2020 elections.

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