We Can’t Elect You In Our Next Election Because You Have Already Disappointed Us — Haruna Iddrisu

Haruna Iddrisu
Haruna Iddrisu

We Can’t Elect You In Our Next Election Because You Have Already Disappointed Us — Haruna Iddrisu

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) member of the committee and minority leader Honorable Haruna Iddrisu has spoken and has said that, the NDC is going to focus on the winning and doing what’s best in the 2024 genera elections. He claims that, favoritism as been seen in Ghanaian politics for a very long time and this is the time Ghanaians have to break the chains of favoritism.

Ghanaians must focus and chose a leader who can help them and lead them to govern a country, the attitude of favoritism in election of leaders must be stopped. They all come with their promises of which they do not fulfill them. Looking at the New Patriotic Party(NPP), made a lot of promises in their first term of administration but could not deliver any of their promises apart from the free senior high school.

He said we all know that politics is a platform where all individuals are allowed to showcase their goals for the country. Nonetheless, most dreams from these politicians do not materialize because of the thoughts behind what they always say. They speak the sweeter words to the people and spit the bitter words later.

This has seen over the years but it seems the adamancy in the hearts of many Ghanaians as described by Haruna Iddrisu can not be dealt with easily.


Haruna Iddrisu in his speech made known that the NPP has failed the country and so has its leaders in government. Haruna Iddrisu says the people in Ghana give NPP and NDC years to come and do something meaningful. And this opportunity should in itself be an opportunity for all parties to do something great and boast of it but this is not the case.


While he was speaking, he revealed that there is rather stealing of resources among many unimaginable and unseen crimes. I will say this again and again to the NPP’s, Ghanaians can’t elect you in our next election because you people have disappointed us all in ruling this great economy which was left by Mahama.


He finally declared that, there is a light at the end of every tunnel and the NDC will be this light at the end of this tunnel of confusion and corruption brought about by the incompetent NPP.


This is what Haruna Iddrisu is saying to all Ghanaians.

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